TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL is an international standardized test developed by ETS (Educational Services), based in the United States. TOEFL test objective was to measure the level of English to foreign speakers. They must pass the TOEFL test in order to enter in the 240 universities in the United States and Canada, many campuses in the country which is the English speakers as well accept it. TOEFL certificate can even be accepted until in 150 countries, including Indonesia.

TOEFL in our country

seems to have become a must-have requirement of the job applicants. Today many agencies that require job applicants at the institution must have a TOEFL test scores, for example a score of 500. For that we have to have a specific strategy in order to penetrate the score. I will describe the learning success tips TOEFL, which can make it easier to conquer the TOEFL test.

TOEFL test is generally divided dalam3 (three) sessions

listening, structure, and reading, and. In this occasion, I will share the TOEFL SUCCESS TIPS that will help us do the TOEFL test properly from preparation to the test. Here are some tips and tricks that will help us in doing the TOEFL test.
1. Find something interesting to read and hear, can be from magazines, journals, recordings or any in English, then practice with the retelling of what you have heard or read, can by speaking or writing. This method is very helpful and understanding of our hearing so that we are familiar with phrases in English.

2. Structure. To deal with this session, the only thing we need to prepare is to enrich our understanding of grammar. Strengthen your instincts about grammar and sentence structure. Usually there is a session at the TOEFL test grammar error checking and filling blank sentence. To overcome this test, practice your writing skills with the use of grammar and word order is good and right. Now, there are many practical books are biased learning grammar used as a reference.

Reading. In this section we will learn reading strategies while working on a test as follows:

• Before the test TOEFL, vocabulary with Enrich everyday conversation in English and by doing the above tips.
• When working on reading test, proceeded to read about it first, do not read the text first because it will spend.
• While looking for answers, try to also find the main idea of ​​the text because the main idea will definitely ask when test. Main idea is usually located at the beginning of the paragraph, but can also be located at the end of the paragraph, depending on the type of the paragraph itself.
• After that classify existing ideas in each paragraph for each paragraph brings ideas that branch from the main idea.
• The most important thing when reading test is to try to read the text as quickly as possible to note the things that have been mentioned above.

4. Writing. Actually, this session is not always there. But usually this session appeared in the TOEFL test that meet International Standards. In this test you are usually asked to retell what you have heard from the tapes. This is usually given at the end of the session. The tips in this session with tips on listening test.

5. Tips latter. Relax be hours before the test starts, you do not need to learn before the test. However, make yourself serilex possible so that your mind fresh and ready to Playing the test. Do not try to cheat. Because of time you have is limited. Take advantage of the time you have the best possible.

Listening is the first part of the test, with 50 questions to be done in about 40 minutes. You will hear a recorded voice and answer multiple choice questions. This section consists of:
a. Part A: Short Dialogue
b Part B: Long Conversation
c. Part C: Talks


Part A: Short Dialogue

In this section you will hear two people doing two lines of dialogue, each followed by multiple choice questions. Number of questions is 30 items. Here is a trick in doing TOEFL listening.
a. At the time you listen to a short dialogue, focus on the second row (the second person). In general, there is an answer to what is said by the second.
b. Keep in mind that the correct answer is a re-statement with a different editor.
c. If you can not understand the dialogue perfectly, you still have the possibility to answer your correctly. If do not understand at all what is heard, choose the answer that sounds most different. So do not choose an answer because it sounded much impression with what you hear.
d. When finished answering a number, look at the answer choices for the next number. This will make you better prepared. You were given only 12 seconds for each question.
e. There must be no blank answers. Wrong answer will not reduce the score.

Part B: Long Conversation
In this section you will hear two longer conversations. One part of the conversation was followed by several questions.

Here’s the trick working on the listening part B.
a. If you possessed time preview option to guess the topic and answer questions.
b. Note / listen to conversations in the beginning because it contains topics. Topics often in ask.
c. When you listen, read also the answer choices in the book at the same time. This is because the answers are arranged in sequence.
d. The correct answer usually has the same sound.
e. There must be no blank answers even if you do not know the correct answer.
f. Use the remaining time to look at the answer choices for the next number.

Part C: Talk
‘Talk’ in Indonesian can be interpreted monologue. You will hear three long monologues, each of which was followed a few ques. ‘Talk’ example is speech, radio broadcasts, lectures, speeches, etc.. The trick to doing the same as part C of tricks to work part B.

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